Thursday, October 13, 2011

Awkward Years {Awkward AND Awesome Thursdays}

I dont know how thiscame up last night, but my hubberz and I were talking and the topic came up about the good old days I used to spend at Classic Skating as a hottie boomalottie 4th grader.
Oh wait, scratch that, I DO remember how the topic came up, Gavin started singing that song about the girl who cries a river and drowns the whole world... You know that one right?
{Google doesnt know who sang it though... Its either 3 Doors Down or Nine Days}
ANYWAY! He was singing that song and it totally brought me back to the time I used to spend all night at Classic Skating.

Oh man were those good times.

It seems like for 4 straight years in elementary school, that is all I did.
And of COURSE the "Snowball" was my favorite part.

One particular time stood out from the rest. There I was... A scrawny 4th grader. It was a school activity so I was with some girls from my class. Finally, it was the snowball and we all hurried to OUR side of the rink to anxiously wait for a cute boy to ask us to skate while we hold hands.

At the time, I had a big crush on a kid in my class, Mark. He was sooooo cute. The music had started and I was looking for him and hoping he'd come ask me.
{Yeah right, once he heard it was the snowball, he high tailed it out of there-can you blame him?}

I was surrounded from the girls in my class and they kept talking about this cuuuuute 6th grader that kept skating by.

I didnt care. I wanted Mark.

But Mr. 6th Grader kept skating by and just when I had given up on Mark, the cute 6th grade boy pulls up and asks if I wanted to skate with him. ME!!!

I was shocked. I didnt even really think he was cute, but one look at all the other girls jealous faces and I was smitten.

{Power of suggestion eh?}

So I blushed and took his hand and we skated for the rest of the song.
Sigh... Good times.

If you think about it, Snowballs are super awkward. Okay, lets turn on a semi love song and make these young kids have a heart attack while they anxiously wait to skate with someone.

THEN! When they do get asked, they skate around not talking, not looking at each other and are too embarrassed when their hands get sweaty to wipe them off.

THEN! There is that constant panic going on in their heads just as the song is ending;

"What do I do now?! Do I say thank you? Do I give him a hug? A handshake?!"

I am pretty sure I said thank you really quietly after Mr. 6th Grader and my skating session but it was too loud to be heard.
He probably thought I was wacko. Hey, he didnt say anything though! 
Oh the awkward ages! I think mine started in 4th grade and lasted until my senior year...

Did you ever go to Classic Skating? Any good stories to tell?

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OH! And remember THIS post about Guilty Pleasures of.... gulp...
Go read it now and if you are in the Utah area and want to go with us to the midnight showing coming up on November 18, Let me know!!! Its gonna be a par-tay!

PS. I have a new neice as of yesterday!
Isnt she PRECIOUS!? Look at those cheeks! This is Aleia (Pronounced uh-lay-uh}
7lbs 14oz, 19 inches
So cute!
Yes, I am bragging. :)


Vivian said...

I've celebrated two of my kid's birthdays there. One time the Sponge Bob Square pants room, which we had reserved for the party, had no air conditioning (it was July). And all the other rooms were full. Needless to say, I got my party for free...that's the most awkward it's ever boy's stories:) Congratulations on your new niece!

Seth + Carlie said...

I totally remember when going to the skate rink was all the rage for us elementary school kids! I remember going to several friends birthday parties there. And those awkward, slow-dance like couple skates...oh the memories!

Congrats on the new neice!

Gentri said...

Congrats on the new niece! And you know I'm totally in for the twilight even right?! Not that I know what you have up your sleeves at all... If I can help, I'd love to!

Kylee said...

oh my, how awkward were we all in elementary school? and ESPECIALLY Jr. high for me! terribly awkward times, let me assure you... always love your stories! :)

Alexis Kaye said...

NO WAY. I totally remember awkward skating. I was too poor to go much, but i remember going a few times when I was really young. When I got into high school my Sr. year my homecomming date planned that for our activity. That was awkward. I'm tall, so i feel awkward around short boys. Put that on wheels and it's just not good. I'll leave it there! haha! :) But your niece is so cute! I love her name! :)

_kArLy[*] said...

Welcome to LIFE baby niece! that is so dang exciting! What a fun aunt and uncle she will have!! :]

Autumn said...

Cute baby :)

I used to go skating in elementary school. I was always too embarassed to skate with the I would just skate on the carpet around the ring. However, this was always in Kentucky too so it was a different rink.

I love going here for their disco skating :)

jen fuller said...

aww such a cute tiny baby! i forget how big my 6 month old is...he still seems small until i see a newborn again. Does it give you baby fever? i hope so, you would make a cute baby :)