Friday, September 16, 2011

The Things I USED to Believe

* When I was little, my cousins had the board game Jamanji {like the movie} I alwayed begged my older cousin to play with me, but she said if we did, it would come to life just like the movie. I totally believed her and it only made me want to play it more.

*For the longest time I thought that a "C section" was a section of the hospital that was reserved for women who were giving birth.

*I always thought my toys would come alive when I wasnt looking.

*I also thought that if I concentrated hard enough either A} I could talk to animals B}Fly or C}move things with my mind.

* I used to believe that if I pulled my hair hard enough, it would grow.

* I used to believe that the flower girl and ring bearer at weddings HAD to get married when they grew up. AND I thought that whoever caught the garder and the bouquet HAD to marry each other as well.

* I used to believe that swearing was just saying, “I swear!”

* I used to believe that on films when the cast came up on the end of films 'in order of appearance' it meant how good-looking they were. I always got confused watching the hunchback of notre dame, where frolo came before phoebus!

*When a movie was rated "G" I thought it stood for "Giggles"

*I used to think that in the song "Tiny Dancer" the lyrics were "Hold me closer Tony Danza"

* I also thought that if I lied, my nose would grow like Pinnocio.
Arent we so cute!?
I just LOVE my big red bow.



Kaycie- Redhead Memories said...

haha! I used to think that if you followed the signs that said "Las Vegas" (aka the freeway) that you were GOING to Las Vegas. You couldn't go anywhere else, haha.

Alexis Kaye said...

HA! I honestly love this :) I love the innocent things children think!

Sean Marie said...

Zomg! I was CONVINCED that this doll I had was alive and would move when I wasn't around. I hid her under my bed and would check on her and swear she was in another position then I left her in!

Chelsey Oldham said...

Ha ha, my sister use to think the Tiny Dancer song was "Hold me closer Tie me down sir..." a little different meaning.

The Daley Fam said...

I love these confessions. They're great! You were a creative little girl!

Vivian said...

This is too cute! The c section had me laughing. Kinds like me thinking there was some kinds of machine capable of reaching the sky and be able to scrape it and then that's why the sky would cry (rain)=skyscraper

Autumn said...


I used to think that if you danced with someone you really really had to like them and everyone would know it. It's not as cute as yours, but I remember hating dances because I thought anytime I asked someone I was professing my love.