Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ad Swap

Hello Friends!
Just like everyone else who is part of the blogosphere, I feel like I have alot to share with the world but
I need a little help getting my ideas out there.
So... I am doing an Ad Swap!
What is an Ad Swap you ask? Well I shall tell ya!
In order to get your blog noticed, we will share each others buttons for our sidebars so we can get more traffic flowin!
If you would like to participate in this swap, snag one of my buttons
Let me know and I will grab one of yours!
If you need help making a button, I would LOVE to help you out!
Happy Blogging!



Alexis Kaye said...

k how lucky to stumble on your blog TODAY! That's awesome! I just switched blogs and I'm without a button now or else I'd be all over that :)

Lauren Gardner said...

If you want to send me a picture and an explaination of what you want it to look like, i'd be happy to do one for you!

Chase + Destiny said...

Im in the process of making a button right now!! I would LOVE some help!

Alexis Kaye said...

shut the front door! you would makea button for me?! Such a kind soul :) I was looking for your email but i couldn't find it! maybe you should send me an e-mail at and we can chat there!

Autumn said...

I would love to blog swap with you :)

I also can't find your email, but mine is

Lauren Gardner said...

Ok darn! Sorry! Here is my email!! :) If you want a button, shoot me an email and a pic as well as a description of what you are kinda hoping it will look like and I will make ya one!

Sara, Luke, and Brooklyn said...

I'd love to ad swap with you, if you're still up for it! My buttons are on my blog and I'll grab one of yours. Will you shoot me an email to let me know when you'll be able to put mine up? I'll put one of yours right now. Thanks! :)