Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Dear Me...

Dear Ariel...

I am super duper excited to see you next week. Ecstatic, infact. I kind of feel like I am going to Disneyland. Should I wear my Little Mermaid costume? Or would that be too weird? Yeah, I thought so. Ok I'll just dress normal.

Dear Jess,
I am already a fan of Zooey Deschanel, but now I love you even MORE!
 New favorite TV show. I wish I was just like you.
"Who's that girl? IT'S JESS!"
Dear Twilight,
As much as I despise the casting choice of these ridiculous movies, I adore the books.
And I am embarassed to admit this, but I'm actually kinda excited for the new movie. Dang.


Dear Cute Old Couple,

Your video is now my new favorite thing to watch when I need to laugh.
I hope my hubby and I can be as funny and cute as you are.
"Thats a pretty good monkey!"
And Finally...

Dear Dating Diva's,

You are so cool and I am grateful to you and all your awesome ideas on how to strengthen marriages
through your fun dates and ideas! You are my new favorite thing.
Click here to see more of this project and others like it!

That is all for today. Much love,


Gentri said...

Aaaaaaaawwww! You're going to little mermaid?! You're so lucky! I wanted to go for my bday back in June but I couldn't find anyone to go w me. Boo. Have so much fun and wave to my friend! She's one of the sisters and probably some other things. :)

I haven't watched new girl (has it started yet?) but it looks pretty funny. :)

And I'll admit, I'm a big twilight fan. Books and movies. I'm THAT much of a dork. Haha!

Charlie Pulsipher said...

The New Girl is hilarious. I love her sooo much.

That cute old man is my hero by the way.

Lauren Gardner said...

Haha thats what has me super confused.I didnt think new girl was out yet and its not scheduled to premire until the 20th but the pilot episode is on hulu. Who knew right? Anyway, Yes! Charlie, isnt he hilarious!? By the way I am coming to st geezy next weekend! Maybe I will say hi! :) Gentri! Darn! I wish I had an extra ticket, I'd totally take you with me! ;) I really wish I was still living in St. George when they were doing this. I ended up moving like 2 weeks after auditions! Yeash... :)

melissa said...

This is such an adorable post!

I admit, I am an avid Twilight Fan (books..only!) but the movies are getting better with each, so I'm excited for Breaking Dawn :)

Zooey Deschanel is one my favorites! And I love old cute couples.

Cute post!

Alexis Kaye said...

dang you know all the hip hop happenings! haha! The one i'm most distracted by is LITTLE MERMAID!!! She's my all time favorite :) how do you get to see her?!?! Tell her her BFF alexis says hi :)

Lauren Gardner said...

Haha, I will for SURE, Alexis! Thanks for the comments Melissa!