Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One of my Favorite Costumes

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday.
And about this time of year is when i cant help but get oober doober excited. The air is getting a bit crisper, the leave are ABOUT to change. I LOVE it! I found this picture and I was so excited to post it.
This is one of my favorite costumes. I remember feeling so pretty and just like a fairy. I remember the smell of the sparkle glitter and hairspray like it was only yesterday.

{My love for Fairies, Never Land and Peter Pan came at a very young age.}

AH! I just LOVE it! I can not wait!

What was YOUR favorite Halloween Costume?

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Along Abbey Road said...

I am so excited for Halloween too! Costumes are so hard to pick though! Too many great choices.

Cute blog!

Along Abbey Road