Friday, August 5, 2011

Counting Down the Minutes...

Can I get a whoot whoot?
So I am just at work right now and am having a hard time concentrating because someone just warmed something up in the microwave and it smells delicious. {which is a GREAT change because it usually smells like burned popcorn.}

Also, I am really hungry.

Another thing i wish i was doing right now was watching Shark Week!
Gav and I dont have cable so we cant watch it, so we watched Soul Surfer last night instead. :)

My mommy took me out to get sushi last night and it was lovely.

I just LOVE connect rolls!

Its been storming a lot this week. But today is nice and sunny!
Me and my mama are going yard selling tomorrow!

Someday I will do a post on the Art of Yard Selling.
I am really excited because this past Chrismas I got a sewing machine, and now, 8 months later, I am taking it out of the box! I am gonna make me a skirt. Word.

I am soooo THRILLED about all the responses

I am getting for the Happy Thoughts series! Keep 'em comin!
Here is a to do list of things I need to accomplish this weekend:

I like the one that says, "Go Blonde" .... We'll see about that one. :)


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Nicole Mariana said...

You have the best weekends ever. I'm jealous!