Monday, August 8, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday

One of my families FAVORITE past times in the summer is to wake up early Saturday morning and hit all those glorious yard sales! Its amazing what kind of treasures you can find! But unbeknownst to many people, there are certain rules yard sale junkies and hosts must follow. Here is what a typical yard sale Saturday looks like:

First off-The night before, you need to think about what is it you want to find at the yard sales in the morning. It can be something you want, or something you need, either way-put it out there!
Friday night I decided that I wanted to find material to make new clothes and I wanted to find a bulldog (seems far fetched, but it doesnt hurt to put it out in the universe, you never know!)

Next-Wake up early! We try to be on the road by 7:00AM.

Make sure the car you are driving is A) Big enough to carry large(r) purchaces. B)Not TOO fancy because people wont barter with you if they see you driving up in a Cadillac. Luckily, we had our trusty old surburban. Perfect for yard sale-ing.

We stopped by Maverik gas station and fueled up...
 Breakfast of champtions, my friends.
Next rule: If you see cute little kids on the side of the road doing a bake sale, you must stop and get something. (Preferably snickerdoodles, if they are available)

 How can you resist these little cuties!?

 Always stop at yard sales that look clean! (Ok even stop at the dirty ones, you never know what they will have, just make sure you wash whatever you buy and bring hand wipes!)

If you bring your pooch, make sure you have water for them, becasue most the time they are just waiting in the hot car...
Just dont let them spill their water on your lap...
It looks like you peed your pants.

Remember how I made sure I thought about what I wanted to find at yard sale(s) the night before? Um... This is why...

 What are the odds I found my bully?!
This is Polly

Ok, I wasnt clear when I did my wishing the night before... I wanted to BUY a bulldog, and this cute little girl wasnt for sale. So be specific when wishin about what you want!
I still love her!

She kept biting her lips when she was playing with her ball.

  We went to a yard sale that all their clothes were 25 cents each! Talk about a bargan!
Bird bath:
They were asking $25
Grammy bartered it down to $15
Not too shabby.
BARTERING IS A MUST! Almost never pay for what they are asking. Most people expect to make deals.

Another must: GOOD SIGNAGE!
Meaning, when you have a yard sale, make sure your signs MAKE SENSE!

No one likes driving around searching for a yard sale that doesnt seem to exist. Use arrows, not addresses. Make them bright and noticeable!

This is an awesome sign...

To counteract what I said earlier, some people will NOT budge on their prices. The thing experienced yard salers, is that they go to yard sales to get a deal. Obviously. So they arent looking to spend the same amount on an item they could get new. So if you have a yard sale, keep in mind that if you have a new brand name shirt, still with the tags, dont sell it for what the tag says.

 If you go into a store, check your clothes before walking in. Mom had some price stickers come off on her clothes. :)

We got all kinds of treasures! From clothes, to household decorations to books and Cd's

Approx value: $400
Price we paid: $40

 This Aeropostale messenger bag was brand new and only... wait for it.... $1!

Brand new jacket with tags: Regularly $44

Yeah... we got it for 25 cents. :)

 All kinds of knick-knacks!

All in all, it was an AMAZING day. I had so much fun with my mom and my Grammy. I love Saturday mornings!

Yeah, we pretty much made off like bandits!


Nicole Mariana said...

We should totally go yard sale shopping, and thrift store shopping as well! Especially if there is donettes involved!

The Polka Dot Princess said...

Love it! Lets do it Nicole! :)I'll bring the donuts!