Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Confession Time... Again

Oh man you guys... I have a confession to make. Remember how I said here, that I wouldnt watch Bachelor Pad... But I lied. I watched it. But I didnt INTENTIONALLY lie, I promise! I got bored one night, so I watched it and yes, I am ashamed. Yes, its so stupid and ridiculous and yes thats part of the appeal. I wont care if I miss an episode or the rest of the season. {I could honestly care less} But it is fun to blog about it and laugh at how stupid people in it are. So, like the Bachelorette, here are my thoughts of this recent episode of Bachelor Pad Season 2 Episode 4. {Spoilers!} Oh and also, it probably wont make much sense unless you watched it yourself.

1. Oh man oh man. Jake is adios.
2. Vienna makes me want to pull her hair.
3. Um... kissing contest?
4. It totally feels like everyone in the house is dragging out their drama.
5. Who chooses these people?!
6. Haha all their faces when they announced the kissing contest... priceless.
7. Shut up Vienna.
8. Yup Kacey, Vinenna will kill you.
9. Can you say MONO?
10. Of course Blake is excited.
11. Gosh this is awkward.
12. Poor Michael! 
13. Haha! Sooooo awkie!
14. "Baby makin kisses" -ella.
15. Ew they gotta kiss Vienna.
16. Whoa there.
17. "I definitely have good lips that I maintain by getting injections every six months." Blondes... oh wait.
18. Haha KC had bad breath!
19. Props to Michelle for opting out.
20. This challenge goes along well with my lips{th} post.
21. Yowza. cool car!
22. Melissa, you are cRAzy.
23. Pizza and Smores sounds really good right now.
24. Is that the same place that JP and Ashley had their first date?
25. Zoning out.
26. Whoa. I think Ella should win.
27. Kirk is cute.
28. Whos the crazy girl, blondie?
29. She is is LAW school? Is that because "Elle Woods" went to law school?
30. Fun! Hot air baloon ride!
31. Oh Blake... are you stoopid?
32.Seriously. Did she seriously just whine and say, "He looked me in the eye and pinky swore"? What? Is this the 3rd grade?
33. Whoa she is on fire. She is scrambling. Just go home. PLEASE?!
34. Haha! "I got another 40 seconds and I will definitely talk to you." Awesome.
35. I cant ski either.
36. Oh poor Michael.
37. Smooth Blake. re-examine the evidence, homewrecker.
38. I dont know their story but it seems like he is head over heels for her, but she is just not having it. Sad.
39. Oh cute he ran to her.
40. Oh man. So much sadness
41. Oh my gosh. Are you serious. Kacey just pulled the grandma is dying card?
42. Zoning out again.
43. Holy. Moly. Melissa is PSYCHO! Haha.
44. Girls who cuss are soooo not attractive.
45. I'm super surprised to see how low key Michelle has been this season.
46. Yay. Adios Melissa. Sorry. William.
47. Is Michelle sick? Or high?
48. Is Melissa gonna flip?
49. Nope, just tears. And tears... and more tears.
50. And that. . . Is the game. . . of Bachelor Pad.

Geez... What is this riddiculous-ness and why is it so entertaining?!


Nicole Mariana said...

Maybe I should watch this and harry potter so I know what the heck you're talking about! lol

Evie, Topher, Ally's Mommy said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Your blog is great!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I get so bored that I almost watched that show, but I found something else to watch like Wheel of Fortune, re-runs or something....I agree, kissing contest