Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Season Finale

This week I have been super confused. . . I KNEW that this Monday (yesterday) would be the season finale of the Bachelorette, and I KNEW it was gonna be between Ben and JP but the other day I was waiting in line at the grocery store and I saw several magazines about Ashley and JP. I almost got whiplash as I did a double take.
Say what? Did it leak who she would pick?
Needless to say, yesterdays show was anti-climatic in the fact that even though I thought it would be JP... the stupid magazines ruined it for me. {Idiots!}
But that didnt stop me from watching.
So once again, here is my thought process:
1. FIJI!!!!
2. I have a feeling this episode is gonna be SUPER awkie....
3. Someone in my family needs to be the next bachelor/bachelorette so we can go to Fiji. {or somewhere like it}
4. She sure got a WHOLE lot more animated when her family showed up.
5. Nice tats... Pretty sure she can beat me up.
6. It looks so hot. Everyone is sweating.
7. Family drama alert.
8. JP's got the right hair style for Fiji.
9. Cant they do this little chat inside with the air conditioning?
10. The mom is cute...
11. So is the dad
12. "the rest should be easy"... oh boy, little does he know.
13. Sis is stressing me out.
14. "Why? WHY? WHY?"
15. Geez... She is basing this on if he makes her laugh? Seems like there should be alot more important things to be asking.
16. I respect that she wants to look out for her sister, but if he is the one she wants, she should support her in that decision.
17. Way to go mom.
18. Her brother seems nice.
19. Run away JP! Run away from crazy tat sister!
20. She is so bold! I feel like maybe she was scripted to create more drama.
21. Smart man, her dad. {Step dad?}
22. Oh wow! Back off sister!
23. I hate, HATE it when someone is saying something rude with a smile on their face.
24. OUCH! Why would you bring BRAD into the picture!?
25. I am HATING this sister right now.
26. Can you imagine how awkward family events will be for them?
27. She said her family's opinions influence her but everyone else liked JP, just not crazy sister.
28. Whoa... I am taking this way too seriously.
29. This has been bugging me for a few episodes now, what is the tat on Ashley's wrist?
30. Let Ashley talk!
31. Yeah thats right...Go whine to mommy
32. Whoa! Party!!!
33. Oh no... Anyone who talks to their pets in crazy voices like that should be shot.
34. Whoa... his dog voice is crazy!!
35. Hers is annoying
36. Oh boy sister chat #2
37. I like her hair.
38. Ben is so sweaty... I bet he wishes he was rockin a JP buzz right now.
39. This conversation seems so much better than her and JP.
40. Is she trying to be the next bachelorette?
41. Haha her brother is funny.
42. Oh boy... next time he sees all these people he will be engaged to Ashley. Oh I feel bad.
43. Whoa she just grabbed his butt.
44. Perfact
45. Haha I kinda like his outfit.
46. Let me guess... a helicopter?
47. Surprise surprise
48. I think the mud pit looks kinda fun. I would rather have a mud fight though.
49. Um, parasites?
50. Oh boy... Here comes the big "L" word.
51. She is pretty goofy. I like it.
52. She cant say it back! Oh its awkward
53. Nice big old bug bite on her thigh. Thats what you get for wearing short shorts.
54. Oh man. I feel bad for poor Ben!
55. Another "L" word on the way.
56. What is their age difference anyway?
57. Ben and Ash seems a bit more like friends compared to her and JP.
58. She cant say it back!
59. Oh! look at his face when she kisses his cheek! He loves her soooooo much. :P
60. Cute.
61. Whew, he just took off her swimsuit cover! Bow chica wow wow!
62. They sure do drink alot.
63. He wants her forever... Well thats only possible ONE way. :)
64. Oh cute bribery gift.
65. "She may love both of us, but she can only be IN love with one of us." Oh that was deep.
66. FIJI!
67. I doubt anyone got any sleep that night
68. Oh cute, she has the journal of a 13 year old.
69. Oh the dream-like memories
70. Um, awkward shower shot of Ben!
71. Whoa! They have a jewler on site? So does Ashley approve a bunch and they pick one? How does this work?
72. Will Ben get to keep the ring he picks? Holy cow! I dont even wanna know how much that costs.
73. They are all HUGE!
77. Do they "pay" for the ring? Or does the show?
78. Who Neal, askin the hard hitting questions eh?
79. HAHAHA! Neal: What if she says no? JP: Heartbreak. Neal: {long pause} Okaaay. {Moving on} Awkward.
80. JP's catch phrase: "Take a leap of faith."
81. What she made her decision on which ring they chose? Haha. Sorry Ben, that wasnt the ring I wanted. You've been voted off the island.
82. Oh Ben... I want to protect you from the horrors that await ahead.
83. I wouldnt want the day I get engaged to be a day where you have to totally mess with someone elses feelings.
84. Oh Ben...
85. Oh no! He is talking about his dad now. This is almost too much to take.
86. "Well you dont have a ring on your finger" Oh man! OUCH! Did you see her face!?
87. Why would he stop her from talking? It seems like its obvious what she is thinking. She isnt happy crying Ben.
88. Oh Ash! Stop him! Dont let him get down on his knee!
89. OH NO!!!
90. My face is burning.
91. Ouch.
92. I cant watch. Its too personal.
93. Its true, you cant leave something like this on good terms.
94. Is Ben the next bachelor?
95. I hate the F word.
96. Here comes JP
97. I kinda wanna fast forward
98. What if he said no? Could Ash catch up to Ben in time?
99. This is taking forever.
100. The producers must have told them to wait so that the sun is just right for a perfect proposal.
101. Whoa that boat in the background kinda startled me. I thought it was Ben watching. Lol. That'd be nuts.
102. What is he saying? He is talking too much.
103. "Leap of faith"
104. Gross, i just caught myself smiling.
105. Oh no.... no way this is there theme song.
106. Does anyone else thing of Glee when they hear this song
107. "I cant fight this feeling anymooooore! I've forgotten what I started fighting fooooor!!"
108. Ugh Even though I call Gavin "baby" sometimes, it makes me cringe when I hear other people saying it.
109. Sorry folks but I dont think I can handle watching Bachelor Pad. Too much drama.
110. And I dont really feel like watching After the final Rose. I just want it to be over.
Alright, I can now move on with my life. Hopefully their love lasts.

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