Monday, August 1, 2011

Not So Happy Thought

A few days ago it felt like a HUGE boulder had been lifted off my shoulders that I have been lugging around for about a year now. What has been the cause of my grief? Well now that we are officially moved out, i can finally tell you the tale.

About a year ago, Gav and i moved from St. Geezy to Orem. We found a place that looked decent so we set up a time to meet with the landlords. We arrived and it was a nice little cozy basement apartment and we immediately wanted it because it was CLEAN.Upon first meeting the landlords, you could say they were; interesting, nay-intense.

She was a fiesty red head with the umph of an energizer bunny. {she will now be called EB for short} He was a tall, mono-tone robot {who will now be refered to as R2D2--no no. R2D2 is too animated, Ok he will be refered to as Drone-yeah thats better.}

Anyway, to keep a LOOOOOONG story short I will give you the bulleted version of our adventure of renting out their basement.
  • Arrival-must sign a 12 {yes, count it; TWELVE. Front and back} page contract upon renting.
  • EB wouldnt allow us to bring our own couches even though the one in the apartment was broken. {and super ugly} So she said we had to find somewhere else to live because of said couches. {She told us this one day before moving from St. George so we would have a truck full of stuff with no where to go}
  • Finally EB allows said couches-allbeit reluctantly.
  • We start moving in and they follow us like little puppy dogs making sure we dont mess anything up.
  • Drone tells us where to put our furniture and how to decorate apartment.
  • Drone asks us if we know how to use a washer and dryer. We laughed thinking he was kidding. He wasnt.
  • Did I mention that we would have clean checks once a month?
  • They would complain about their previous tentants ALL the time. {Makes us wonder what they will say about us.} Drone once said that the previous tenants must have made a game of throwing darts at the baseboards in the bedroom. We acutally met the previous tenants and are about 99.9% sure they did no such thing.
  • Drone will crawl around on his hands and knees inspecting every inch of the apartment to make sure its up to par.
  • Almost a year later we told them we'd be moving out approx. 3 weeks early and they were mad because they said no one will be looking to rent around that time because no one was getting married or moving to the area.
  • They made us put up and ad for the apartment for rent. {Ok this is understandable since we were leaving a bit early, but it gets better....}
  • They wanted us to line up about 8 people for interviews with the landlords and prescreen them. {We did, but the didnt like anyone we choose...}
  • They saids it will rent fast. {didnt they just say no one would be interested at that time?}
  • We had to show apartment to 8 other people that we had to find so that they can conduct their interviews. Why not just cut out the middle man? {Me}
  • We found two really nice ladies wanted to rent the apartment asap but they were single and EB and Drone didnt want somebody single because they could hurt themselves shoveling snow and could sue them. {Odd reason not to consider them}
Odd. Just so odd.Luckily, we got out on time and received our deposit back and are living happily just a few blocks north...I sure hope we dont run into them at the grocery store.


Scott & Ali said...

hahahahahahahahaha. yesterday she told me that you guys had banged up the walls more than a typical renter would, because you had heavy furniture. i about died.

Nicole Mariana said...

Can't stop laughing! So glad you have your own place now! Hopefully I'm next!!