Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Homeless... Well we need to find an apartment

Gavin and I have been Resident Assistants for the last semester and since we will be getting married during the next semester, they have found our replacements. This means we will no longer have duties and obligations toward the dorms, and we will no longer have our room and food paid for. So we are in need of an apartment for me to live in as Gavin will be staying with his grandparents until the wedding. Apartment hunting is definitely not the funnest and although we found some pretty awesome places a few months ago, sadly are no longer available. More sadly, nothing seems to be available.I guess people are more involved with Christmas than moving and selling their contracts...who knew? Hopefully we will find something soon because we sort of need to be out of the dorms by the 19th of December. Yikes! We sure could use some prayers for us to find a decent place within our budget! Thanks to you all!

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