Monday, December 7, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Friday night, we went to the college basketball game and won big. We went a little bit early so we could enter in a raffle and try to win some prizes. We walk in the door and are handed our ticket and we walk up just in time for them to announce the winner... GAVIN!!! Whoo hoo! He won $30 to Texas Roadhouse. Thank goodness because we are almost out of money on our meal plan... Then five minutes later, we play a game to see who will win the next prize, hot potato. About 30 or so students form a circle and start passing golf balls. One by one students were out because they were holding the ball when the music stopped. Finally it got down to two people, me and some random kid. In order to win, we had to get rid of the ball after physically grasping the ball in our hand. It was intense. But at the last second, I switched it up and used my other hand, AND WON!!! Whoo hoo! Twenty-five dolla to Applebees!It was pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Then they did another contest kind of like limbo, but instead of it going lower and people having to bend to go underneath, it got higher and people had to jump over the top. The winner got a digital camera and Gavin made it into the top three. I had no idea he could jump so high! He seriously came within an inch of winning the camera, but Nate Jensen has crazy long legs and won. Good for him. Gavin did get a free movie ticket to the theatre though. :)

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