Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visit to the Hospital...

The other day my leg was feeling funny and would go numb and tingly off and on all day. I told my mom and she told me it could be a blood clot and I should go to the ER to check it out. Um...ok. So I told Gav and we left institute class early so we could go check it out. We got to the hospital and I felt kinda silly because I felt absolutely fine, but better safe than sorry! We walked in and met with a nice lady who took my vitals. Then we waited. And waited... finally someone brought us back into a room where we were to wait for the guy to take an ultrasound. And we waited...and waited some more. I just wanna say that I hate hospitals. They make you wait (AND WAIT) in an uncomfortable gown in a room with weird knick-knacks all around that look scary and intense. Crazy. Good thing Gavin was there to keep me company. We actually had fun talking and waiting for the doctor and pretending like we were on "House."
FINALLY the guy came in and took the ultrasound of my leg. The weird thing was that he didnt say a word to us. Kinda weird. I've never had an ultrasound before, it was interesting. He would be looking at the blood flow and it would pluse red and blue. Then he would squeeze my calf and the sound would speed up. Crazy.
Then he finally did speak and said that he didnt see any clots, but that was for the doctor to decide. Then we waited some more. About 20 minutes later, the doctor comes in and is talking to us and says, out of the blue, "You are expecting right?" Gavin and I look at each other and we both respond in unison, "NO. No, definitely not." Then the Doc was all embarassed and said that for some reason he thought I was. Awk-ward!!! Haha, but so funny at the same time. Gavin wanted to play a prank on my mom and say that the doctor "said I was pregnant," but we didnt think that would go over so well.
Turns out that everything was fine, it just needed to be relaxed and taken easy on. He said it was good of us not to risk it and check it out because blood clots are very dangerous. After that, Gavin took me to get my favorite ice cream (cinnamon) for being such a brave girl. What an adventure!

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