Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just thought I'd add some pics. . .

One of our first dates.

We had a frosting war. . . I won.

Summer lovin. . .

He thinks he's a vampire

My cowboy

Horseback riding

Just about every Thursday, we would meet

at the Draper temple to do baptisms, this day there

was an amazing rainbow.

Fourth of July Parade and

water fight.

I'm a bit ticklish. . . Dont tell anyone,

but so is he!

The black eye isn't real. . . This

is on the set of my sitcom, "Roomies"

I kinda look scary here. . .

Our one day trip to DISNEYLAND!

Fun at Dixie

Fun at IKEA

This was for one of the dances at Dixie State.

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Ryan & Amanda said...

Hey I went to high school with Gavin, hope it's okay to put a link on my blog. He's a great guy, I'm excited for both of you! You make a great couple!