Friday, August 21, 2009


Gavin and I have been back in St. George for awhile now. Gavin has been doing football; he says its going real well, the team is looking pretty good and there is a chance he will actually get to be on the field this year as reciever. DSC is lucky to have him. I have been trying to find a job and recently (just today) got offered a job at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel down here. I am real excited about that. We have also been in training to be Resident Assistants at the dorms. The past couple days we have been helping check students into their rooms and being trained on how to be good RA's. The picture above was us rock climbing as an activity about teamwork. You should have seen me holding the rope when Gav was climbing. . . :) It was funny. I was using all my weight to keep him from falling and as he was repeling down, I slid across the floor.

School starts on Monday too. Its going to be a really busy time with school, work, football, homework, RA's, wedding plans and other random activities, we're hoping time will go by fast.

We also bought a grill at a yard sale for $10. . . but it doesnt work. :( We have also been looking around for a place to live after we get married. We found a little house for a real good price that was really nice, but its rented out right now, maybe in a couple months it will be available. :) But there are alot of other places too.

Well thats about it for now. . . I have been trying to get Gavin to write some stuff. Maybe next time. . . :D

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