Sunday, August 16, 2009

I got my dress!

About a week ago, my mom and I were heading down to St. George so I could look for jobs before school started. Before we headed down, we wanted to check out some dress shops and maybe get an idea of what prices we were looking at. We had already been to a few, but hadnt found anything too amazing. But we went to this one shop called "It's Your Day Bridal" in Clearfield, UT and found it. It was everything I wanted... Beaded top, vintage style rooshing (spelling?) swoosh waist, and corset back. And it was a KILLER price. The only downside... it didnt have sleeves. But at a price like that, it would be simple to get some alterations done.

Because my mom and I were heading down to St. George, we still werent sure if we wanted to shop around, so we asked the store owner if they could hold it for us until we got back. She said she could, but if someone wanted to buy it, she would let them have it. She even said that a girl had been in earlier that day and tried it on and really liked it.

As we were talking, the doors opened and two ladies walked in. The store owner turned towards us and mouthed, "Thats her!"

So my mom and I went in the dressing room and talked and decided that we would regret it if we didnt get it, so we walked out and told them that we were going to buy it, if they could hold onto it until we got back. The girl looked blank. The store owner immediately started saying that they could order her another one, that her wedding was in June, so they'd have plenty of time. She looked like she was staring off into space.

As we were getting rung up, my mom went outside to apologize to the girl and see if she wanted to buy it from us when I was done. I was inside with the cashier and she told me not to feel bad, the girl was only 17.

It's a gorgeous dress and I can't wait until Gavin can see me in it. :)

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