Monday, August 10, 2009

.... We have gotten a horse-drawn carriage!

~ How cool is that? One day, we were all just talking and throwing out ideas of how to make the reception amazing and one of the ideas suggested was that we get a carriage to bring people from the parking lot to the reception location. We thought it would be absolutely amazing, but where were we ever gonna find an affordable carriage, let alone, trained horses? Well, literally the next day, (I kid you not) my mom is driving down the street by our house and lo and behold, there one is; just sitting on the side of the road in a trailer. My mother, of course being the go-get-her woman she is, pulled over and marched up to the house asking what the story was with the carriage. It turned out that the owners owned a company in Logan that would be hired for weddings, but were in need of the extra cash, so they posted the carriage on e-bay. Well, my mom wanted to know if they were up for a trade, she would help them design their house and we would get the carriage. It was amazing! So now... WE HAVE A SWEET carriage! Thanks Mom, you are awesome. :)

~ Lauren

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