Saturday, September 20, 2014

G's Girls

I mentioned previously how nervous I was for Poppy transitioning to having a baby in the family but she has done surprisingly well. She absolutely ADORES Posey and just loves her to pieces but she has had some trouble listening and obeying lately. But I chalk that up to the age and maybe just a little bit to adjusting to sister. 
One of the most wonderful moments for me was when she met her sister for the first time. I had heard that it helps to have a 'gift' for the older sibling from the baby and vice versa. Make few weeks beforehand, Poppy and I decided on a little stuffed animal to give the baby once she arrived. I then put together a little gift bag full of things I knew Poppy would like as well as be able to enjoy at the hospital. That included a darling new Rapunzel dress, crayons, coloring book, nail polish and a tea set. 
Gavin picked her up and brought her to me. She was so sweet and unsure of what was going on but still had the cutest smile on her face. 
I gave her hugs and talked to her for a minute before pointing out the baby Addie was holding in the corner. 
I am not one to cry after giving birth and am holding my baby for the first time. Too many emotions at once I guess but when Gav brought her over to us, I immediately burst into happy tears when I saw my two girls together for the first time. Words can't even explain how much love I have for these two beautiful girls. My heart had never been so full before and I am so thankful to be their mommy. 

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Ali Mills said...

Oh the tears!! And the feels ;) I cried like a small child when Jade was meeting Rory too hahaha