Saturday, September 20, 2014

Birth Story of Miss Monroe

Obviously it's been a long time since I posted. A looooong time. So much has happened- especially the newest addition of our family and I know it won't be as easy this time around, what with two kids and all, but I want to document it as best I can like I did with Poppy.

So best start off by telling her birth story while it's still {somewhat} fresh in my mind. 

Miss Monroe was due on July 31, 2014 but each doctors appointment prior to her arrival suggested that she would not be arriving in time. Unless you've been there yourself, I cant tell you how awful it is to hear that when you are 9 plus months pregnant. Many tears were shed in desperation to be done and meet my little girl. 
My sweet mom and wonderful sister had driven out to Iowa after quite an adventure {that's a story for another day!} 
and were such troopers! Putting up with me and my hormones were not easy I tell you. {Sorry guys!} 
They entertained my energetic two year old, they cleaned my house, they made dinners and did their best to keep my mind off of how uncomfortable I was. Gavin was great too. So sweet and supportive even after working long hours at TWO pharmacies. Crazy boy. 
Well the due date came and went with no progression. If I didn't end up going into labor on my own, my doctor said they would induce me a week later. {Yuck}
After a long week of walking, bouncing on a yoga ball, crying, pretty much everything they tell you to induce labor, nada. We scheduled the induction for Aug 7th. We headed into the hospital on Aug 6th to the the cervidil started and planned on starting the pitocin for the morning.
       ^ Last picture as a family of three!

I was so nervous for how Poppy would handle everything. I wanted her love her sister. I wanted her to know that we still loved her more than life itself. I wanted her to handle the transition ok. I wasn't nervous for the labor and delivery at all, compared to the worry I felt for my Poppy Girl. 

We got all settled and had a nice nurse, at least I think we did. Honestly, it's amazing how much you forget so quickly.
We took it easy and tried to get as much sleep as we could before game time.
I actually slept better that night than I had the last few weeks of being pregnant. 
My dad had made it into town so he was going to watch Poppy while my Mom and Addie came to be with me. We started the pit around 6 am and the contractions were kinda slow going. It wasn't until about 10:00 that I asked for my epidural. The anesthesiologist was great and was able to get it done quickly and I was on cloud nine after that. {Oh and Gavin didn't pass out this time. Got woozy? Yes but the lights never went out this time.} Haha. 
My nurse, LeAnn, was really fantastic. I wasn't progressing very fast so she had me lay on my side for a bit. Gavin was pretty hungry so he was going to run down to the cafeteria to grab a bite. When LeAnn came back to check on me, I had gone from a 6 to a 10 super fast. My mom had to call Gavin to come back because we were ready to push. I honestly don't remember how long I pushed for but it felt much longer than with Poppy. I was having a hard time breathing and pushing at the same time so in between contractions, they have me oxygen. Man, that stuff is goooOoood! I mean, I breath oxygen all day every day and it's nothing like the stuff they give you there. :)
I was getting pretty exhausted so I I would get my oxygen and close my eyes and just focus on taking deep breaths. 
After what seemed like forever, I have one final push determined to bit wait another minute to see her and there she was! They pulled her right out and the doc asked who was going to cut the cord, but little miss already had a firm grip in the scissors like she was ready to cut her own cord. They put her on my chest and I immediately felt my heart double in size.

She was beautiful! All this dark hair and rosy round cheeks. She was perfect. 
Monroe Elizabeth Gardner was born 8-7 was 7lbs 8 oz (notice those inverted numbers?) She was born at 2:20 pm and was 20 inches long (the numbers again! It's cool but really throws me off sometimes. Haha) 

Miss Monroe. Practically perfect in every way.

***EDIT*** For safety reasons, Monroe will now be referred to as Posey. 

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Ali Mills said...

Ahhhh!!! Oh honey I'm so glad she came quickly (ish)!

Our progressions stories are pretty much the same! I went from a 6 to a 10 in 45 minutes hahaha crazy bodies!