Sunday, May 5, 2013

Month 11

Dear Paisley.
It's been awhile since I've written you a letter for that I apologize. 
Although, it's because I have been chasing the cutest little bugger around lately 
and she's been taking up all my energy.
That would be you sweet girl. 
Where do I even begin?
You have already said your first word a long time ago (Hi)
You also say Mama and Dadda.
I think you have almost got "Thank You" figured out and you always say something that sounds like,
"What is it?" (Whaizi?)
"Who's that?" (Ooda?)
At first I thought there was no way that's what you were saying but then I realized that I say that to you 
all. the. time. 
So I'm convinced that is what you are saying.
You have taken your first steps and although you are a bit wobbly, you are cruisin!
You just barely figured out how to climb up on the couches and have tumbled off a few times.
You love doggies and you love watching Kai on FaceTime.
Today you visited the neighbors dog and were so cute!
You werent quite sure what was going on, but you were definitely curious.
Maybe we need to get a puppy...
I have no doubt you will be saying "No" soon because I feel like I am saying that to you all the time.
(Sorry about that)
You also give the best kisses both blown AND big sloppy wet ones. (Some with tongue-just sayin)
You have a grand total of 6 teeth and you love showing those off with your big smiles.
You are so expressive and photogenic. I mean, LOOK at these pictures! You are always so funny and happy, you are the reason your Daddy and I wake up everyday. (Literally and figuratively)
You wear us out every night, but we are so happy to do it because you are our sunshine!
We love you Paisley girl!
Your Mama

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