Monday, May 13, 2013

A video for mom

Betcha didnt know my daughter was a superhero...

Happy Mothers Day! Love you so much!
My first Mothers day as a mom couldnt have been better....
I ot to sleep in... had my all time favorite breakfast (cheese slices and grilled apples with pecans and honey) Got a gorgeous ring from a gorgeous husband. Went to church and got a cupcake from Scratch bakery (yum!) One of my young women brought me some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Went to relief society and got a slushie, cake balls and more cookies! (And a great lesson too!) Then came home, hubby made dinner. Skyped with family and wished happy mothers day to the best moms out there! Then had dinner with some fabulous friends. Thanks everyone who made this day so special!

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