Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gandalf the WHITE, aka the Blizzard Wizard granted us a snow day

Remember Galdalf? 
Not the dude in Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit)
That insane storm that blew through the states a few weeks ago?
Well I remembered I didnt post pictures of it yet. . .
Hold onto your hats...

Burr... I'm cold just looking at it. 
Like I said...
Gandalf the WHITE, 
aka the Blizzard Wizard granted us a snow day.
See what I did there? 
Pretty clever if I do say so myself.
So that wizard granted us a snow day.
 (When I say 'us' I mean my sister because she is the only one still in school.)
It was fun. 
We slept in, made chocolate crepes and listened to fancy french tunes worthy of
The Notebook.

Oh and I guess I kinda am talking about Gandalf the wizard (the Grey this time)
Check out what my mom scored from the movie theater to put in our theater room...

In case you didnt see one at the theaters...
 my sister, Addie, will now demonstrate how massive this thing is. . .

She looks like a wee lil' hobbit. 

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Siri Natalia said...

1. I love the snow pictures! Incredible! :)
2. Those chocolate crepes look amazing! :)