Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Best Thing You Can Do With a Child

One of my resolutions this year has been to read to Paisley every night.
Sadly, I didnt begin very strong with this one, seeing as it is now the 8th of January and I've only done this once.
But last night, Paisley and I read a book and it has inspired me to keep reading with her.
Reading is so special. It gives you time to relax and unwind with your child and just BE in the moment with them. I always want those moments with her. Those quiet moments just before bed (and her nightly tantrum.) She is so enthralled with the pictures she isnt (quite) as wiggly as she usually is. Now-a-days, its the closest to cuddling with her I can get. Little wiggle worm.
For Christmas, we received one of the neatest books out there. It's so neat because it was written by my mom and illustrated by my sister!
Talk about awesome.
The story is about a kite named "Cock-a-doodle" and more than anything he wanted to fly higher than the trees.
It is so fun to see a childhood story my mom wrote for her kids to actually made into a book! And illustrated by my talented sister no less. I felt extremely blessed and grateful to be reading it to my little Poppy last night. I know it will be a childhood favorite of hers as well.
Thanks Mom and Lexi for sharing your talents with us.


Jess said...

Thats one of my resolutions too! However, you are beating us! We haven't read to Sawyer once yet! Oops!

Autumn said...

That was definitely one of my favorite memories from childhood!