Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Makes me want to jab them with my elbow

I know in previous posts I have complained about various pet peeves that I have, and I dont (necessarily) mean them to be a vent session. I actually think those peeves I have are fairly funny and odd. And if you keep up on my blog you will notice I like to joke around a lot and make fun of myself. It make it so when really embarrassing things happen, it's no big deal.
Today the pet peeve I am referring to is spelling....
Sure, I get a little bugged when grammar is incorrect and the improper use of their, there and they're. But lets face it, the english language is a doozy. I'd hate to have to learn it as a second language. Our "rules" must sound down right ridiculous sometimes. (Like spoken words like: Prince and Prints sound the exact same but have totally different meanings. Cinderella was NOT waiting for her PRINTS. That would have been an ENTIRELY different fairy tale- one that would be quite boring actually. Anyway, getting off topic...)
English is hard, so what REALLY bugs me is when people make it wrong ON PURPOSE. You know what I mean. You see it all the time. People changing the names of companies and products so the letters match up. ie: Kidney Kars.
Kidney Kars KILLS me. Is is so hard to spell cars correctly?!
Or there are gas stations called the Kum and Go or the Git and Go... Are you trying to sound uneducated?!
I especially despise when I see a sign for a pre-school and it's spelled something like:
Kidz Skool. Um.... I am not taking my child to your crazy school!
Or even places I love spell words wrong... (Krispy Kreme anyone?)
Love the donuts hate the misspellings.
Granted, I am guilty of spelling things wrong on my blog because I want a certain "voice" to be portrayed. In one post I believe I typed nekkid. (http://gavinandlauren.blogspot.com/2012/06/first-bath.html?m=1) Yes, I know it was spelled wrong, but it helped the reader know what the "voice" of the post sounded like.
Does this make me a hypocrite? Maybe... But I still hate Kidney Kars.
(Disclaimer: I dont actually HATE Kidney Kars, what they do is great, I just hate that cars is spelled incorrectly just to match "kidney.")

Does this bother anyone else?


Michelle said...

This DEFINITELY bothers me too! Who would send their kid to a school called "Kidz Skool?" I suppose someone who thinks auto correct will be there during their spelling tests. Geez!

Krispy Kreme is da bomb though :)

Kerri Jex said...

The Kum & Go and Git & Go get me every time! Braden and I about died when we moved here and saw the names of the gas stations! We knew we had officially arrived in Iowa! :)