Saturday, January 26, 2013


Dear Paisley, 
We are a bit behind on our monthly posts but it's been a whirlwind trip to Utah for the holidays.
Paisley girl, you are growing up waaaay to fast. 
You need to stop this right now Missy. 
Ok, it's quite fun to see you exploring your world and learning new things. 
What have you discovered exactly? 
Well you can now clap and wave and sometimes you can dish out those high fives. 
You got your two bottom teeth for Christmas and you like to nibble (bite) on everything. 
You just barely started crawling. You do this army crawl/roll kind of thing and occasionally get up on all fours. 
You have no problem getting from point A to point B, especially when Cherrio's or toys (or something you arent supposed to have) are involved.
Your sleeping pattern is all over the place. 
Your Mama and Daddy aren't too thrilled about that but we blame ourselves because we keep dividing our nights between Nanny and Papa's house and Grandma and Grandpa Gardners. 
Sorry darlin. 
But you have slept through the night the past two nights and it's been pure heaven. 
Now I just need to work on sleeping through the night.
Oh Paisley, you are such a delight. Everyday is so much fun. 
You are so silly sometimes. 
You get really excited and flap your arms like a baby bird and look like you are about to fly away. 
When you try to crawl, you can't figure out how to get your belly off the floor, and you kick your legs really fast then that makes you laugh. 
One time when you were trying to crawl, you got that belly up, you raised up on your toes like a stink bug doing yoga. 
We were shocked! 
Then you continued to blow us away when you lifted up one of your hands! 
There you were, balancing on your toes and ONE hand with your wee little bum in the air. 
Wow. Just wow.
Your smile is different too. You have two little teeth, but now you scrunch your nose. 
You often do this face where you raise your head so your looking down your little button nose at us and pull the corners of your mouth back so you look really wise and confident. 
Kills us every time.
This personality of yours is like a ray of sunshine during this bitter cold winter. 
I am so glad to be your Mama. 
Your Daddy and I are so thankful you have made a little heaven on earth for us. 
We love you so much girly.

^ this face ^
makes me giggle.


Sally said...

Love her outfit and this whole set up! Especially her hair! What a sweet girl. My little boy is seven months, so I love to see other mamas with kids the same age!! New follower :))

Sally said...

And also live in the metro!!