Friday, November 9, 2012

Twilight Zone Moment

The other day was rare in the fact that Paisley was asleep, Gavin was home and I was indulging in a little Pinterest time. I was looking for new recipes and making a grocery list, Gavin was on the couch playing on his Ipad. We were talking and laughing and enjoying a little quite time.
 I decided I had enough of pinning food, so I headed to my main board to make sure there weren't any other morsels I wanted to attempt making this week.
I was greeted by this...

Um... Hello creepy Rob Schneider goblin man who is apparently "always watching me."
"Look at this, Gav." I said.
"Lauren that's weird why would you pin that?" he said.
(I am always showing him funny pins so he must have thought I thought it was funny.)
"I didnt pin this! It just showed up."
I delete the dude because I dont want all my friends and family seeing I pinned such an atrocity.
Then all of the sudden there were THREE of the creepy man pins staring at me  us.
By this point I am seriously weirded out and am ready to disconnect the entire computer so said creature doesnt reach out to grab me and pull me into his crazy cyber world, when I hear a snickering coming from the couch.
I turn around and Gavin is laughing with the Ipad on his lap.
Little punk. 
I took a screen shot so I could blog about it and deleted the little monster again.
Then, today I went back to look find it again on pinterest and I asked Gav where he found it. 
He said he looked under the "odd" category and it was on the first page.
I went to find the category and "odd" isnt listed there anymore. We couldnt find it anywhere.
Creepy? I think so.
(Cue Twilight Zone music)

Happy Weekend!


Vanessa@Lovin-Life said...

Ahh that is soo creepy & hilarious.

Mary Davis said...

Haha I love that story! It's so cute, and odd, but it's just a fun story.

Kimberly Bonham said...

Love your blog!
New follower!
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