Tuesday, October 30, 2012

13 Days of Halloween-Day XII Trick? or Treat?

Today, my hunky hubby wanted to share with you a memory he has while trick or treating...
Thanks Gavie...
The notorious Jeb Clark and I were finally coming home after about 3 or 4 houses told us it was too late for us to still be trick or treating. We had gathered the largest volume of candy of our lives. 
We came upon a group of rowdy high school kids enjoying their own Halloween celebrations.
I was pretty nervous as we approached but felt we had made it by with just a few obnoxious comments. It was at that moment that Jeb's bag of candy was ripped away from him as it laid over his shoulder. The kids quickly jumped in their car and were gone. 
It happened so quickly, we were so distraught. 
Honestly, all I could think about was now I had to share all my candy with Jeb.
I don't remember the details, but I know it wasn't until the next day that we split up my candy and 
I must confess, I had kept a few of the Reeces peanut butter cups at my home.
Jeb... if you are out there reading this somewhere...
I have a bag of Reeces with your name on it.

(This is the only picture we could find of the two of them together...)
Do YOU have any funny Trick-or-Treat stories?


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Kate Searle said...

I'm gonna tell Jeb. lol. (ps. We really are twins! I steal a miniReeses Butter cup out of the candy dish at work every day. eheh hehe)