Monday, October 29, 2012

13 Days of Halloween-Day XI Vamp Days

If you've followed My Happy Thought for awhile, you'd know that I have a love of Vampires. 
Yes, I am a Twilight fan... 
(The Books... I hate the actors for the movies, but I watch them anyway)
But I have just recently (Yes, I am slow to hop on the band wagon) found the awesomeness that is:

Thanks to my friend Chelsea, I havent been able to stop watching and I have officially wasted 3 days of my life watching the entire season 1.

Dang, its good.
Here are my reasons that VD is better than Twilight...

1-Elena can hold her own against vampires. 
Of course she is fragile like Bella, but not in the same sense.
2-Better Actors... Need I say more? (Kristen Stewart *cough*)
3- The plot of VD is more complex and it has more subplots than Twilight. Makes it interesting.
4-Witches are involved. If two mythical beasts exist, why shouldn't witches!?
5-The myths keep in line with the legends... ie: these vamps burn in sunlight as opposed to sparkling.
6-I also got Gav into watching a few episodes with me-willingly! It's like pulling teeth (pun) when its Twilight.

I am sure I will think of more reasons since I am only starting season 2 but for now, I am done with thinking of ideas... Paisley is still asleep so I might be able to fit in another episode!

PS if you are a VD fan, check this parody out.
I was laughing my pants off...



kailyn marie said...

YES!!! I read the books before it became a TV show, and omg I LOVE TVD!!! What episode are you on?!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I have never seen this but am looking for a new show so thanks for the suggestion! :)

nataley said...

ahhh LOVE Vampire Diaries. It is totally addicting!

Mary Davis said...

I love Vampire Diaries! It took me a couple weeks to actually get through the first episode, I wasn't thinking it would lead to such a TV affair, but ya, I am hooked!

Autumn said...

I was never into watching TV series until we got married. Now I have watched over three in their entirety. I become an absolute zombie trying to finish them too! I will check this one out...

Kristy said...

love it!