Thursday, October 25, 2012

13 Days of Halloween- Day VII Candy

When my siblings and I were young, we'd spend all night trick-or-treating on Halloween...
Um, who doesnt?
We'd fill our pillowcases to the brim and be huffing and puffing from lugging it around all night.
We'd go home and separate the good stuff from the nasty stuff
(ie: raisins=gross)
Then one year, my mom offered us mucho $$$ if we gave her our candy.
Either because she didnt want us to be happy or she didnt want our teeth to rot.
(I joke)
As little kids, we hardly had two quarters to rub together let alone mucho $$$
(I say mucho because cant remember how much she offered.
Could have been $20 could have been $10-I dont know)
But we said yes.
My mom gave us our hard earned moolah and took the candy and hid it away.
(I dont know why she didnt just throw it out... she probably wanted her own secret stache
throughout the year. I know I would)
A few weeks later, my sneaky brother asked if he could have ONE piece,
my mom said yes and went to look for the candy.
Well... she forgot where she hid it.
But my brother knew!
He and I would sneak out to the garage,
get into the very back of an old file cabinet and munch away on our candy until it was g o n e.
My mom never knew until we told her a few years ago...
Good thing she cant ground us now.

Tell me one of YOUR favorite Halloween memories!


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