Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is This Heaven? No... Its Iowa

Iowa. What an interesting word.
Its only four letters, yet its a mouthful of three syllables.
We have been in I-O-WA for two weeks now, and it already feels like forever.
I don't necessary mean that as a bad thing.
Of course we miss our old friends and our family,
but the welcoming committee here has been astounding.
Upon arriving with our horse trailer full of our treasures,
we had almost the entire elders quorum (group of priesthood holders in our church)
was there helping us unload.
I love the gospel. It brings such amazing people together.
Anyway... Where was I? Oh yeah...Iowa.
Great place. The people here are super friendly, although they dont know how to drive.
Seriously. I've almost been run off the road who knows how many times. Yesh.
But Iowa is full of farmers markets, corn, lovely people, corn, humid weather, corn, fun restaurants and did I mention corn? Really, its everywhere.

With the help from my mama, sister and father in law,
we were moved in and settled in no time at all.
We were able to go out and explore the town.
And boy did we find some treasures!
First place was Zombie Burger and Drink Lab.

Super duper delicious, and the atmosphere?
To die for.
Really. There are zombies everywhere. Kind of like the corn.
Love it.
Get this... my burger was called the Undead Elvis .
It was a glorious concoction of bacon, American cheese, egg, mayo...
and peanut butter and fried bananas.
Yup you heard me right.
Next, Gav and I found this awfully creepy thrift store. . .

Needless to say, I dont think we will be going back anytime soon.
If I wanted to be scared, I'll go to Zombie Burger, and not this twilight zone of a nightmare.


We are loving our new apartment and I am loving putting it all together to feel like home.
One thing I was DYING for was a chalk wall.

Some of the neighbor kids came over and broke it in for me.
Paisley is going to have fun with this... someday!
Plus I'm enjoying my free time with Paisley by crafting during Paisley's naps.
Like the pillows I made?

I heart them.
That's about all I have for now.
Oh... we also attempted swimming but the water was too cold.
But she sure looked cute in her swimsuit!

Sorry I dont have more pictures.
My stupid computer deleted over 600 pics I took over the last month.
Sad sad day.
No really, I cried.
Maybe more than Paisley did that whole day.



Ali Mills said...

I'm so happy that you're adjusting well out there!! And you are one crafting genius! I'm jealous of your talents!

Carlie said...

I'm glad you're like Iowa! And it is so true about the church. It makes moving to a place a lot less scary!

Mary said...

The Midwest is fun. =] People are super friendly, but it is different. Be careful, we learned that ESPECIALLY in Iowa, when you enter onto the freeway- you do NOT have the right of way, oncoming traffic has to yield (normal- but strange). Plus, people seem big into cutting others off- what gives? Anyways. Ya, take it up living in this foreign land of 'Iowa' and embrace what it has to offer. =]

{[Jessica]} said...

awe Iowa!!! I have family in Minnesota & a few friends in Iowa!! Glad to hear your adjusting. Midwest def. lives a different life style.. cant wait to read more!!