Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Well its down to the wire. . .
The big move is coming up.
Iowa has been so patient waiting for us to make our debut and its almost upon us. 
We just had a wedding in the family so it just barely hit me that we leave in less than a week.
So I've been packing today and its amazing how little I can get done in 24 hours with a baby.
So I may be stressing a tiny bit.
I know a TON of fellow bloggers have been moving out of state recently. 
(Why does it seem like we are ALL leaving?)
I would so appreciate some tips on how to make a cross country move go smoother.
(Especially with an 11 week old Paisley Girl)
I just want it to go as smooth as possible.
What an 'adventure' it will be!
Its a good thing Pais likes her carseat.

Dont you LOVE this photo? Oh Instagram... how I love you.
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Alexis Kaye said...

Good luck with your move friend!!!