Thursday, August 16, 2012


I should be arrested.
Because I stole some. . . ideas from my fellow bloggers.
In my defense. . . They were tutorials so I am innocent I tell you! Innocent!

First off, I got the idea for this shirt from Merricks Art found here. . . 
She in turn found the tutorial from Cotton and Curls here
It was super easy to make and so fun.
The only thing not ideal is that the heart wrinkles easily.
Like my earrings? 
I totally won them from Lauren's giveaway from the Sapphire Bee.
Arent they cute?

And last...
I have a new favorite hairstyle from Abby at My Yellow Sandbox!
She has the BEST tutorials. Go check her out.
Thanks for sharing ladies!



Abby said...

haha I was just going to say you should do a tutorial of that hairstyle!! Yours looks WAY better than mine!! How in the heck did you get it so full and awesome? Love the T-shirt BTW!

Lauren said...

How cute are those earrings! I got some too and I love them!

Sean Marie said...

YOU LOOK GREAT! Really. How did you lose the baby weight so soon?