Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hi, I'm Paisley Jane. Nice to meet you!

Hi friends! 
This is Paisley.
Just stoppin by to say hello and introduce myself.
I would have done this sooner, but my little fingers have a hard time typing. 
I am a whopping 9 weeks old now and I am lovin life.
My mommy always dresses me up in (what she thinks) are the cutest clothes.
Although I wouldnt mind wearing my pj's alllll day long. 
I also love my nightly baths.
I could be screaming one minute but as soon as I am in the water, I am completely happy.
Sometimes I even pee a little so I can get more warm water poured on me.
Ah! That's the life!
I also love talking to my mama and daddy.
They dont seem to understand me because their responses never make sense to what I am saying, 
but oh well... The faces they make talking to me are funny but I havent quite figured out the laughing thing yet.
I love love love my swing. I take naps in it. Sometimes I even cry so mom and dad will put me in it.
My great grandparents are coming in from Oklahoma this week and I get to meet them for the first time. 
I cant wait.
I also get blessed in church on Sunday.
My mom has made me a pretty headband to match my dress and I am excited to wear it.
But I might be sleeping through the whole thing like the perfect angel I am. (Ha.)
I am getting tired though so I will say good night now.
Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better.
I cant wait to get to know you!
Nighty night!
Love, Paisley Jane

PS. My mommy is doing a fun giveaway here
Be sure to enter to win the book, The Goose Girl.
I cant wait for mama to read this to me!


Sean Marie said...

Hahaha, this is so funny and cute.

My little one is a big fan of baths too!

Ali Mills said...

So sweet!! rory is still in debate about baths hahahaha

And yay for blessings!! We have to wait til Sept so my brother can be in the circle ;)