Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Month

My how this month has flown!
I cant believe my Little Lady is already a month old!
I didnt know I could love somebody this much.
I have been slowly learning the ropes, but loving every minute of it. 
Even the late nights and crying that makes your heart break. 
She is worth it.
I couldnt have done it without the help from so many friends and family members though. 
We had friends bring dinner, family hold her when mama needs a break. 
(Daddy is a pro at soothing her when no one else can.)
My mom came to help and is such a blessing! She can make me feel confident in my mothering abilities AND  is the best Nanny Jac to Paisley. 
I am so grateful for all the love and support that has been shown.
I still cant believe I am a mama.
To the most adorable baby around no less!
(Ok, I MAY be a bit bias)
Some of my favorite things so far are:
Paisley's milky breath
Watching Gavin talk to her and her being completely enthralled by him
Paisley's smiths that light up her entire face. ( I KNOW they are real and not gas!)
Cuddling with Gav and our baby
The funny and cute faces that Paisley pulls
Her cute little naked body
They way she focuses on your face.
And... knowing I have these two lovlies for all ETERNITY. 
I am so blessed.


Autumn said...

She is precious! I think she looks a lot like you.

Ali Mills said...

She's gorgeous and you are a great mom! I love when my little one screams hahaha it's just too cute for words ;)

Suze said...

Aw how wonderful for you and your family!

Happy one month. :)