Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Must Haves

hello hello.
i am finally in a position where i will have regular internet access!
can I get a whoo whoo?
yes, i am excited.
i will definitely be blogging more often although i am trying to get used to typing one handed since the little one wants to be held 24/7.
i am in NO way complaining! 
i love it.
so this week, our little family of three moved in with my parents until the end of aug to help save on rent, get help with the paisley girl and to party it up until we head out to iowa.
so far, i love being a mommy. sure, at times its tough but when i lock eyes with this sweet angel, my heart just melts away. 
i didnt know i could love this little person so much!
its priceless.
of course, there are some items that you CAN put a price on that are worth their weight in gold.
here are my favorites as of right now... 

1) i didnt think i'd need a boppy pillow for nursing, but ended up getting one for a steal. they are actually awesome!
2) the medella pump is amazing. I would have loved a double, but this does the job.
3) moby wraps are the for real. like i mentioned, Paisley wants to be held all the time so this makes it easy to hold her AND get things done. i got a black one, but she gets really hot in it so i would suggest a lighter color.
4) desitin cream works miracles on any rash! Paisley had a diaper rash and a rash under her chin(s) and this stuff cleared it right up.
5) the swaddle me blankets are also worth gold. Paisley sleeps in hers every night. she likes the feeling of being secure and her arms and legs dont flail around and wake her up.
6) i got these soothies at the hospital and paisley likes them best. i tried a few others but she wont take them!
7) we got the baby trend jogger and so far, we love it!
8) lanolin cream is great for the soreness that comes from nursing. 
9) kirkland baby wipes are the best ones out there. they are not too rough on baby bottoms, they also do the job!

i am sure there are a lot more things that i will not be able to live without but for now, these are my favs.


Ali said...

I need to figure out how to use my Moby wrap hahaha and I LOVE my Boppy pillow even though I'm not nursing and Rory is the same with those binkis. She hates the other kinds too ;) So happy for you guys!

Jess said...

THANK YOU for doing this! I just added about two-three more things to my baby registry bc of you! xo