Friday, March 9, 2012

Because the World Should Know

At first I didnt really know what the whole Kony 2012 thing was... nor did I really care.
But it caught fire on the web and I was curious. So I clicked to watch the video below and was shocked to see that it was a half hour long! I decided I would watch for a minute and if I was bored, I could alway find something else to entertain myself.
Well before I knew it, I was wrapped up in this little documentary and didnt even realize the time fly by.
I know lots of you have seen this already, but have you WATCHED it? I mean really watch it?

It bothers me that some people out there are reacting so negativly about this. They are saying that its a scam and that people are only spreading the word to make themselves look better and that its a lost cause.
How sad is that?
I love what Uncle Ben says on Spiderman... "With great power comes great responsibility."
Obviously we have great power and we should use that power to help those who cannot help themselves.
We have been blessed to live in a free country and we have the responsibility to help those around us, however we can.
Sure, the group who made this video needs money, and if you can afford to help out, that is so great. But if you financially can't help at this point, they are asking for SUPPORT. They need to get the word out and "Make Kony Famous"
"Not to celebrate him, but to bring his crimes to the light."

There are so many ways to connect. Join the FB Page. Or there's even a Blogger FB Page for this! Sign the pledge, join in to Cover the Night (check FB for your local Cover the Night page), or just share this information.
Its an amazing time we live in, to be able to share news and information and I hope we can do all we can to stand up for what is right.



Anonymous said...

People are saying it's a scam? I haven't even heard that!

BTW - I love your new header and design! It's so clean and functional!

lushdeez said...

I posted the video as well .I do think its a worthy and noble causeto support. That man is very evil and should be stopped.

I read this article and had second guesses, but then again neither sides are probably 100% right or good. The one thing that made me think it was iffy is that they say only 31% of donated funds go toward helping kids, yet they also say the corporation has never let an outside auditor come in. How can they know its only 31% then? I don't know.

Read it:

Lauren Gardner said...

thats interesting. yeah, i heard that only a fraction of the money goes toward actually helping the kids, but the main thing is to get the word out and to do that, money needs to go into making the film and travel time. I can see how it would be hard to get anything going or noticed without money being put into it first. I think what they are doing is great. its not like they are pocketing the money to buy themselves a boat or something. It is still all helping their cause. Thanks for the comments!