Thursday, March 15, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I love Thursdays.
They give me a chance to realize how blessed I am. . . and how darn funny things can be.
I love to laugh. . . Even when its at myself.

Awkward moments this week:
1. Going to Costco and trying on a pair of maternity jeans over my leggings then almost mooning everyone in the store as I tried to take them off and ALMOST pulling off the jeans AND leggings in one.
2. Thinking that no one is in the store I work at, so I start singing along with the radio, only to be startled when someone behind me coughed real loud.
3. Thinking someone is talking to me, so I respond, only to realize that they are on the phone. {This happends ALL the time.}
4. That I spelled the word 'awkward' wrong in the picture above. Thats ironic.
5. Getting all the way through this post then my computer goes all screwy and I lose ALL my information. Twice.

Awesome moments from this week:
1. It's my Dad's 50th birthday today! He is the best dad ever. Lets party Pops!
2. Shopping with Gavin for a carseat/stroller for Little Lady and laughing because we had no idea how to unhook the two. We still havent gotten one yet. . .
3. The sunny spring-time weather! Glorious.
4. Making some pretty fun stuff for an upcoming giveaway. So cute! I might want to keep them for myself. . . ;) Just kidding!
5. Sitting in church and actually SEEING my tummy move when Little Lady is awake and kicking. What a weird/cool thing!

What are some of YOUR awkward/awesome moments this week?


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Carlie said...

You could have just pretended that you meant awkwerd as in awkward nerd! haha