Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Remember how I said I'd do a sweet giveaway once I reached 200 followers and how I was only 5 away?
Well apparently I am going the other way and am losing followers. STILL!
Sorry if my blog has offended anyone.



Ali said...

I'm still here ;)

Lauren said...

Don't be disheartened by it, in the past two weeks i've had at least ten people unfollow me. Sometimes people follow you so you'll follow them back and after a while they just cull their reading list. The first time it happened I was a little taken back and felt like i'd done something wrong. Just flip your hair!


{[Jessica]} said...

awe. I dont understand how people get so offended by people that they must delete. but I am still here & i love your blog! :) keep it up girl!!


Carlie said...

I still read your blog, and think it is great! I hope you reach your goal of 200 soon!