Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthday Wish List

I must apologize to all my readers, this post is mostly for the hubby. . .
My bday is coming up and I thought I'd just nudge him in the right direction. . .
I'm happy with anything but I just love him so much I thought I'd help him out a bit, you know? Anyway, here is a birthday wish list!

1. Oxford shoes. So cute.
2. Maternity clothes! {Just a few items} I am needing some clothes that fit right!
3. Cooking Lessons
4. No, I dont want Taza, although I'd love to pick her brain! I want a baby seat for my bike! This is the only picture i could find.

5. Holga poloroid. LOVE them!
6. A cute vintage tea set
7. Flowers, of course. Easy right? :) A girl cant get too many flowers right?
8. same thing goes for ICE CREAM!!!!

Love you Gav.

1 comment:

Christi Lynn said...

ooo i want a holga poloroid too! i love your taste in gifts! I would probably ask for all of the same things