Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's That Thing I Love? Oh... Vintage.

I love anything Vintage...

I love finger waves like these pictures...

Anybody know how to do this?

Oh pinterest...
How I love/hate you.

I cant stop looking at your endless beautiful pictures/tutorials/products/crafts.
I cant.... stop.... pinning.



ginanorma said...

I love what you chose, SO SO PRETTY, and those finger waves, YES, I KNOW HOW!!! You put bobby pins in to hold the shape as you shape your hair that way when it's WET, than when it dries, VOILA, it looks exactly like that!!! YOu can youtube a tutorial too, that's how I learned.I've done it several times! Cutepost!

Hilary said...

i love vintage too! all of your pics are sooo pretty! i'm a new follower. :) would love if you'd come visit me!


Alyx said...

The vintage photos of the women are sooo pretty! I love them.