Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Waiting Game

Some of you know this game all too well.
Sure, it seems like there is always something we are waiting for in the near future....
Whether its the summer time,
a holiday or birthday,
There is always something to look forward to.

We have a lot of events coming in the future but the 'game' I am refering to is the
 EDUCATIONAL waiting game.
You know the one...
We are at a point now where Gavin has started applying to different Pharmacy's schools.
We are waiting to hear back.
Ah. Fun.
We {I say we even though its technically just him. I am the support!} have heard back from 3 schools so far and all THREE want to interview Gav.

We hope to go to school here in Utah, but are considering many places.
{Hawaii anyone?!}

Have YOU gone through this waiting game?
How did you turn it into a positive experience?

We still have awhile before we know anything so wish us luck, Gav has his first interview TODAY!



Ali said...

Much luck to you!!!

Jessica said...

I'm a "lurker", but not on purpose, I just stumbled across your blog! My husband applied to college last winter, and we were told it would be about 3 months until we heard anything back. Much to my surprise, and his, the acceptance letter came within 2 weeks. He ran to the store for something, so I checked the mail. I was sooooooo sooooo sooooo excited I called my mom. She told me to just go put it back in the box and have him to go get the mail once he gets home. I did, and when he got the letter, he didn't believe it was actually the letter of acceptance. It was priceless! We were already planning to go out to dinner for a belated Valentine's dinner, and the celebration of his acceptance made it even sweeter! Hope you get to hear something back soon!!