Thursday, January 12, 2012

Somebody Wants to Say Hello

Hello baby!
I just love how round and cute that little head is!

Update on this babe...
She is super mellow.
I am 21 weeks and still havent really felt her move yet.
I am dying for her to just sock me a good one.
Hopefully soon.

My appetite has grown. I have never eaten so much in my whole life.

How far along? 21 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 1 pound
Maternity clothes? Nope. I do want some more leggings though.
Sleep: Restless. Its getting tough... I am so tired all the time
Best moment this week: Imagining with Gav what life will be like once she joins us.
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back
Movement: Not yet! :(
Food cravings: Hamburgers
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. Thank goodness
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: No
Other effects: Super forgetful. Heartburn. All that fun stuff.
Belly Button in or out? Still half and half. Half in, half out lol.
Wedding ring on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: My next appointment is on Monday!

We love you baby girl!



Ali said...

That is so awesome!! I'm having a girl too!! And I'm only 3 weeks behind you! ;) I asked my doctor about feeling her move and he told me not to panic if I still don't feel her by week 23, especially since it's our first pregnancy apparently the first one takes awhile to move around hahahaha

Alexis Kaye said...

YAYYYY you look fabulous! And she is going to be a sweetheart just like her mommy! :)

Lauren Gardner said...

Thanks Alexis! That made my day!

Ali, Congrats! Arent little girls the BEST?

Amy {} said...

Darling little girl! It's exciting to watch you (literally) grow into a mommy! You'll be wonderful, Lauren! Can't wait to see this beautiful creation of yours! :)

Race and Aly Warburton said...

You look so freakin cute!

Alyx said...

Awww! I love your little baby belly! It's adorable!
Pregnancy looks good on you!

Siri Natalia said...

Ok you look adorable! So excited for you! :)

Callie Lynch said...

Hi! Just found your blog and love the name! I'm pregnant also and have enjoyed reading about your pregnancy. Cute belly! New follower :)

Bennett Love