Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Magic Kingdom Part I

I absolutely ADORE this picture.
I cant believe my camera was capable of taking such awesomeness.

I have been saving this post.
Because I thought it was the best.
I would have saved it for last...
But I just couldnt wait any longer.

This day was PERFECT! 
 Disney World is so lovely this time of year.

I am not sure what is funniest about this picture...

#1 Me. Obviously. Acting like a fool.
#2 The boys looking at me like I am a freak
#3 Lexi looking like she is trying to catch up to me.
You gotta be quick, yo!
#5 Addie not sure where the rest of her family ran off to.

"No no. A Gentleman offers his arm"
-- Mary Poppins when Levi goes to put his arm around her.
Silly Levi.

Here is our families favorite part of the park...

More to come tomorrow.
Hope you have a Magical Day!


Gentri said...

Hooray!! Magic kingdom is the best. :) oh how I miss it!

Alyx said...

Ahh! Looks like so much fun. I love it!

Alyx said...
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Bailey@Lost&Found said...

SO much fun!!!

Vivian said...

We spend our holidays there two years ago. This time was Disneyland..closer to home. FUN pictures!