Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dont Curl Your Eyelashes While Walking

True statement.
Dont try it. Disasterous results may occur.


So here is another day from our adventures in Florida.
On this foggy day, we went to the Animal Kingdom and it looked exotic to say the least.

They have a new baby gorilla at AK.
We sat there for about 20 min just watching him run around like a little toddler.
So cute.

Funny story about this pic.
Since I couldnt ride Expedition Everest because of this baby girl,
I decided to attempt to get a picture of the rest of the family coming down the drop.
My sissy and I walked a few hundred yards away from the ride and lined up my zoom lense.
When we knew the next riders were coming, we decided at the last minute to "practice" as they zoomed by.
I shot about 10 super quick photos of this group coming down.
I felt pretty good about it and I figured the fam would be coming down next.
But then a flash of yellow {Dad} caught my eye.
I was thrilled when I zoomed in on this pic and there they were!
Couldnt have been better timing.

This show was phenomenal!
Everything was performed by talented actors with these AMAZING puppets.
So fun and colorful!

This show was also really fun.
I thought it was going to be the actual Lion King show, kinda like Nemo was,
 but it was a festival of music and (fire!) dancing.

This was my favorite...

Can you see all the different animal carvings in the trunk of the tree?

So beautiful!

Oh! Another funny story was when we were eating lunch and a hawk landed in the tree above the tables.
Well lets just say, we were ALL very lucky to NOT have been "rained" on by this hawk.
We did lose our appetites though.
I just realized that I wasnt in any of these pictures that day. . .
Oh well.
Did anyone realize from my last post that I chopped my hair?
Yup! I said goodbye to 7 inches right before we flew out East.
It was liberating!


Romanian Princess said...

Did you attempt to curl your lashes while walking lol

Ali said...

This baby is the reason why we had to postpone our Disneylnd trip til NEXT Christmas hahahahaha

Courtney B said...

love love LOVE the pictures! I am totally craving Disney Land!

Bethany said...

I love your thoughts! You are so cute! Miss you guys!

Ayuni said...

Beautiful view!

Diana Smith said...

I wanna go!! Look like soo much fun!