Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chrismas-Disney Style

This Christmas was... Different to say the least.
Wonderful, Yes! But different.
My family packed our bags and headed to Sunny Florida to spend some time at
The Happiest Place on Earth.
I had never been there before and was so excited to see it decked out for Christmas time.
I took TONS and TONS of pictures so I will be splitting up the posts over several days.
Here are some scenes from Christmas day itself.
We were lucky.
We got to spend the Holiday in several, I repeat, SEVERAL different countries... thanks to Epcot.

For the busiest time of year, Epcot was surprisingly quiet.
{Unlike Magic Kingdom, they shut their doors around 8:00AM}

We started out in Canada.

Then we strolled on over to England...

Next was my favorite...

There, we found the most AMAZING (and authentic) French Cafe.
It was to die for.
It was FULL of yummy treats. It was so hard to decide what to get.
I got the strawberry tart (pic above)
Sooooo very yummy.
I want a cafe at my house.

Gavin liked America, there was a sweet treat there for us to enjoy:

I think that he liked it because HE is so sweet
 Ahhh! :P

Then we headed on over to the Piazza!

Then onto Germany and Norway...

In one of the shops, I found this GORGEOUS castle covered in rhinestones.

Go on...
Take a guess how much it is...
Ballpark it...


We ended the day sampling tons of free soda from around the world.
My favorite was the Apple Soda from Mexico.
Tastes like Apple Beer.
(Anyone else LOVE apple beer?!-If you dont know, there is NO beer in this delicious beverage)

Italy had a soda there called The Beverly.
They say that you drink it before a meal to improve your appetite.
I think this picture explains why:
Tasted hydrogen peroxide.

It was alot of fun at Epcot on Christmas day.
More posts about the trip are coming!
(If my comp corporates! Wish me luck!)



Gentri said...

More! More!!! I've been dying to hear all about it!! Maybe we should go to dinner so we can talk about it!

Alyx said...

Love this!!! And actually.... the first picture of Germany really DOES look like Germany. I'm impressed. You got around the world quick. And it looks like you had a blast. Can't wait to see more pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhh! This makes me miss living in Orlando so much!!! :o( Disney at Christmas was so magical! I couldn't possibly pick my favorite park. I'm so glad ya'll got to go!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Seriously, what a fun post! And trip! Thanks for sharing :)

Race and Aly Warburton said...

Maybe I just missed it... but you chopped your hair!

Carlie said...

I love family vacations during the holidays! Looks like a great trip!