Monday, December 12, 2011

I Apologize

Hey friends!
So sorry I have been MIA in the blogosphere lately. Its a long story.
I lost my job. Started a new one.
I am trying to get everything done and ready for our trip. 
Gavin's birthday is Thursday.
His finals are this week.
Crazy I tell you.
Dont worry...
There are some great stories to tell but its just been so busy that blogging is, sadly, at the bottom of my list.
I will do better I promise.
Just bare with me as the next few weeks are quiet here at My Happy Thought.
I also promise that it will be worth the wait.
Good things are coming!!!
How are everyone elses Holiday plans coming along?
Are you all surviving?!
Sure hope so!



AllyM said...

Please do blog more:) Read a LOT of your posts this weekend!

Thank you for the well wishes!


Danielle and Trev said...

Your shoes are to die for!! Good luck with all the crazy!

Alexis Kaye said...

Sorry it's so crazy! I finish my finals tomorrow and I'd be happy to guest post if you'd like and "break the silence"! Good luck with everything!!

Ariel said...

I hope everything calms down soon enough!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you lost your job, but I'm really glad you found another one so quickly! Hang in there. This too shall pass! :o) xoxo.

Alyx said...

Sorry you lost your job!
It's a good thing you got another so fast, though! Keep on going - the year will be over before you know it and *hopefully* things will slow down a bit!

ginanorma said...

Ooooh I've missed you but glad to see you back but we all understand when blogging just can't happen, no worries!!! So are you liking your new job?