Friday, November 11, 2011

My Favorite Accessory

How many of my lovely readers are like me and require these fancy things?

Yup. I have been called four-eyes in my lifetime.
But now that I am more mature {bah!} I have actually come to REALLY love my glasses.
They can be my greatest accessory!
I even have three different pairs so I can match my mood!
{These are my fav}

Have you noticed how popular glasses are becoming in the fashion world?

Check it out:

Embrace your non existant 20/20 Vision!
We are now chic and stylish.

So that being said, if you need, or want, new glasses; I know a great place!

If you are like me and have an astigmatism, then eyeglasses are they way to go.
I just hate the feeling of a yucky contact slipping along my eyeball.

If you are ALSO like me, shopping can be kinda difficult being at work all day.
Good news! You can buy your glasses online!

And FINALLY, we MUST be like me if you are cheap-o thrifty and love a good deal.
Because these are CHEAP EYEGLASSES!
Um... Please!
Poor married girl here trying to put her hubby through Pharmacy school...
Cheap is BEST!

They are even doing a Fall Sale!

Take 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglass frames (standard lenses included)
with the code: Fall50

Take 10% off any order.
Code: Blog10

Visit to see their awesome selection!
Then send me pics of your new glasses!
Just promise me you wont pop the lenses out of your 3D Movie glasses and parade around wearing those.
You will thank me someday.

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Romanian Princess said...

I've totally seen like 5 people wearing their 3D glasses lately ... I'm glad you stopped me from wearing mine lol jk You look so cute in glasses!