Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dont Act the Fool

Remember when I met Kevin Costner and how giddy I was? I'm not surprised to hear that most people act silly when they meet someone from the silver screen.A friend of mine once ran into the famous Val Kilmer at a sandwich shop. {This is how I remember her telling the story, the facts may be a bit fudged}
He was in front of her and when he turned around she gasped and stammered...

"You are the greatest swordsman that has ever lived!"

 He looked at her funny and walked away.
Of ALL the classic Val Kilmer movies, she choose to quote "Willow"?! {That movie gave me nightmares}
I mean, "The Saint" is one of the greatest movies that was ever made. She could have said something like,

 "I-I'm overwhelmed. You found me."

Ok that would probably get you the stink eye as well. Probably best NOT to quote lines from their films. So how DO you act around someone you've oogled and drooled over in the back of a movie theatre?
{Or any famous person for that matter. They dont have to be good looking, you can still act ridiculous around anyone famous.}

Here are some ideas:
  • Dont lurk or be creepy about it. They are normal people too. Its super stalker-ish to hide behind something while trying to catch a glimpse. Dont stare either. {That goes for anyone, even non famous people. Its just rude.}

  • Even though you feel like you know them. You dont. And they dont know you. So its probably best not to ask a personal question like, "Hey Lindsay, how was rehab?" Awkward.

  • Dont cry. You've seen those teenage girls who cry at The Beatles concerts or ok... *cough*... Justin Beiber. {gag}. Dont cry. Its pathetic.

  • Dont propose. They will most likely say no.

  • Say something like; “Hi, my name is Lauren and I really admire you’re work.” Instead of, “Heehee hee eehee hee, eehee hee, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!” You'll look like an idiot.

  • Resist the urge to throw your arms around their neck and smother them with hundreds of kisses. Also dont wrap your arms around their leg and beg them to take you with them. Again, awkward. Unless you are a baby, drooling is NOT attractive.

  • Address them by their REAL name and not the name of their characters. So if you see Robert Pattinson on the street dont chase him shouting, "Edward! Edward!" You WILL get arrested.

  • If they are a reality star, PLEASE dont approach them and fuel their ego. They dont need anymore of that. {Examples of these 'celebs' are: Kate Gossling, Snookie, Vienna and Paris Hilton just to name a few.}

  • My last rule for now is if the celebrity you spot is Johnny Depp the first thing you must do is pull out your phone and message me asap. I would be greatly appreciated it and I will meet you wherever you are at.
WHEW! Hopefully you can remember all that!

After its all said and done you can go back home and brag to all of your friends. Pretty sure you can trump any of their stories {almost} that you met so-and-so.

Unless of course they "Walked on the Moon."

{Bonus points if you know what comedian this is in reference to!}
Who are some famous people YOU have met? Do tell me your adventures!


Sean Marie said...

Lol! Thanks for the advice. I'll try and keep that in mind if I ever run into Ashton Kutcher. :P

DP said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm your newest follower on GFC.

This is a really good, fun list. When I met Hanson (the band, who I absolutely adore - I'm a dork, I know), I tried so hard not to gush out "I love you, you're the greatest," etc. but it did come out. ANd they were SO nice about it. But yes, It is hard to follow that list when you meet a celebrity that you admire!

I love your blog btw, it's definitely super cute!!!!!

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The Polka Dot Princess said...

Haha! I love Ashton AND Hanson! Good times. Lol. Thanks for your comments guys!

Nicole Mariana said...

You're seriously the best blogger ever. I love it!
I will try not to freak out if I ever meet Kim Kardashian lol

Jess said...

bahahahaa I love that Val Kilmer story! Its too funny!

Penelope said...

This post is so funny!

I try to be nonchalant when I see a celebrity…I try to think "Well, I'M PENELOPE, they are just xxxx" and sometimes that works *wink*

Linda said...

Great post! The only celeb I've met is Mr. Alan Jackson this summer at a party held at his new home that my hubby had been working on. ( He's a cabinet maker/master finish carpenter).

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson threw this casual summer party for all who helped make their new home a reality. From the architects, builders, subcontractors, craftsmen, designers, landscapers and all the crews: all were invited and in attendance. Pretty cool huh?

By the time I met him, I was no longer nervous and he was a true southern gentleman calling my hubby by his first name and looking me in the eye as he spoke. Mrs. Jackson was very kind and approachable as well. A simple country man ( and wife) indeed! We had a wonderful time.

The Polka Dot Princess said...

Thanks for the awesome posts you guys! Penelope, that is the PERFECT reaction. Linda, i am kinda jealous you met Alan Jackson. He seems really humble and down to earth. Thanks for laughing Jess and Nicole!

Cynthia said...

Brian Regan! BEST. JOKE. EVER.

I was directed to this post from another blog, that's why I'm so late in commenting.

I met two musicians before they became famous, so I don't know if that counts. I also have a slew of photos with other musicians, who aren't really super famous. The most famous person I met was John Mayer... But again, that was 10 years ago, when we was accessible.