Friday, August 19, 2011

Someday I Will be Perfect

I think I am a pretty cool gal. {Duh} I work hard. I love my neighbors, I try not to rock the boat {too often} I do my best to be a good influence to those around me. I {try} to eat my veggies. I pay my tithing. I even turn the water off while I am brushing my teeth; but I gotta admit, there are some things I need to work on.

I need to moisturize! My poor legs and elbows are awful.
I need to shop more healthy and cook dinner more often.
I need to take my vitamins daily instead of when I remember.
I also need to unpack {Ugh, it just takes forever}

But one thing I REALLY need to do better at:

I never used to be a big soda fan, but in the last year and a half, I am addicted!
My drink of choice is good ole Diet Coke.
{or Diet Pepsi, both are good}
I just cant stop.

Why must you be so delicious?
Why do your bubbles make me so happy?
Why cant I stop!?
And why do you make me feel less healthy? Jerk. After all the love I've given you? . . . J to the erk.
For now, I will try to get off of it slowly.
{Cold turkey is just too much to ask}
and will try to buy unleaded instead {caffine-free diet}
Wish me luck.


1 comment:

Nicole Mariana said...

I wouldn't say I'm addicted to soda, but I love it! It's okay, you are super skinny :)