Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Happy Thought {by Lacey}

"Think happy thoughts and you can fly."

---Peter Pan

This is my old friend, Lacey. We were buds in high school and rocked it in the drama classroom. She is always so cheerful and full of life. Here are some of her Happy Thoughts:

Hello blog! My name is Lacey Nash. I’m married to my sweet husband Brennan and have been for 2 years now! In this short 2 years we have moved to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, gone through a deployment, and tried juggling school, work, and everyday life. No children…yet, just 1 harry beagle child named Charlie. We hope to one day be back in Utah but for now set our sights on traveling and awaiting to see where the Air Force takes us to next!

My Happy Thought:

1. Listen to the rain at night
2. Seeing a family tearfully welcome there soldier home
3. Appreciating my family & friends even more now that I’m thousands of miles away
4. Making my husband laugh
5. Watching my dog’s floppy ears go crazy when he sticks his head out the car window
7. Opening up my recipe cards & seeing my mom’s handwriting
8. Talking with my husband about the future
9. The sound of wood crackling in the fire place on a snowy day
10. Being 10 minutes away from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico
Isnt she Grand? :) Thanks Lacey!
Miss you!

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Rick said...

I use to live at Eglin AFB when I was a teenager...loved it! I lived there when the movie Jaws first came out.